Question Objective 4: Describe the analytical framework used to form public policy in the human services field. The text presents an analytical framework that can be used to understand any social problem. In order to implement and, potentially, reform policy, we need to have a basic understanding of the major problems the policy seeks to solve, the causes of the problem, the viewpoints that shape policy formation, and how the policy may help some but will undoubtedly harm others. The four basic tasks of understanding a social problem include: Identify the way the problem is defined. Identify the cause(s) to which the problem is attributed and its most serious consequences. Identify the ideology and the values that make the events of concern come to be defined as a problem. Identify major gainers and losers with respect to the problem. In this essay, you will analyze minimum wage policy. This is a policy that affects a variety of economic and social areas that are applicable to the human services field. The Economic Policy Institute provides a variety of resources (for and against) raising the minimum wage for your reference at http://www.epi.org/research/minimum-wage/. Write a 1-page essay response to the following points. Identify the main problems that a raise in minimum wage policy seeks to combat.  Identify that ideologies and values that influence public and policy maker’s opinions of this policy formation and reform. Provide at least 1 example of a gainer, and one example of a loser in terms of the effects of a raise in the federal minimum wage.