Question For one last time, you are asked to articulate clearly ideas surrounding biblical marriage and family.  Using Scripture, our course text, and other research, we are now asking you to give some substantive thought to an overview of the various stages of life within marriage and family. Write a 1 page, double spaced assignment entry about the particular stage of life in which you find yourself now. Consider the following questions: How would you describe this particular phase of your life? What preparation for this phase have you had from parents or mentors, and to what extent did you find their preparation helpful? If you could redo this current phase of your life, how would you do it differently? What has this phase of your life taught you about yourself or others? Lastly, what do you need to know to prepare for your next phase of life? Support your work with scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided.  Use of APA format is required.