Question Objective 1: Examine how valid and reliable research is used to inform and analyze public policy. Our textbook authors analyze a current social problem and accompanying social policies. To accurately define the problem, policymakers must be informed through scientific study. Research is vital to gaining accurate and specific information that will guide policy formation. Failure to evaluate a resource’s reputability and validity leads to misinformation that affects public policy analysis. Choose a social problem that you want to know more about. This can be a problem that has existing social policies already, or an area that you feel needs more policy structure and implementation. Write a two page response (double spaced) addressing the following elements: Identify at least three different reliable and academic sources that you would use to help inform the policy making process. For each resource, provide an APA formatted reference, and then at least a paragraph discussing why you chose this resource (how it is reputable), and what information you believe to be vital to informing the policy making process.