Question 70 words!!! Elbert Hubbard wrote about a man, named Rowan, that carried an urgent message to Garcia when nobody else could, or would.  Mr. Hubbard spoke of Rowan as a hero that should have his bronzed likeness on every college campus in the nation.  He then went on to compare the tough, gritty, “never say die” Rowan type to the soft, intellectual, average men of today. Mr. Hubbard goes on to explain how today’s average men are basically lazy, ignorant, crooked, sorry excuses of men.  He goes on to say that the average assistant, or employee, these days will not actually do what you tell them to, the first time, without question, like Rowan did.  From there, Mr. Hubbard goes on to compare the employers that endure these good for nothings to the employers that don’t, and how different those employers have it.  Then, he talks about a man that is unable to run his own business, but that is also unable to work for anyone either because of his attitude and outlook on life.  So, the man is now a bum that Mr. Hubbard says should be pitied.  However, he also says that the man should not be pitied more than the cripples and the “Rowans” that go above and beyond what is expected of them. Mr. Hubbard says that civilization is constantly looking for the “Rowans”.  He said that a person of that caliber could ask anything, and get it, because they are such a commodity to employers.  Mr. Hubbard closes his piece with claims that the “Rowans” are needed so badly, everywhere, that the world is crying out for them.