Question One of the things we take for granted is our experience and our knowledge about God.  We forget that others around us know God and experience Him daily also.  This assignment will help us get out of the box of who we think God is and see what others believe and know about God. Set up two interviews and then answer these questions for yourself for a total of three sets of answers.  The questions that should be asked are as follows. Do you believe in God? How do you define God? Do you know what the Trinity is? How do you define the Trinity? How did you come to know these answers?  (What is your source: reason, tradition, emotion, etc.) Is there something that could happen to make you change your answer to number 1? Prepare a chart showing the answers for each question.  The chart should be organized in order to easily see how each person answered the question in comparison to the others.  (Suggestion:  A chart with four columns.  The first column listing the question, with the other three for the answers.) Along with the chart, submit a 1-page evaluation of this experience.  Explain the highlights of what was said and why.  Did anything surprise you?