Question Solutions to leadership challenges cannot be applied until the problem is understood.  This assignment will first focus on the nature of leadership challenges in the workplace and in ministry, and then students will be asked to provide solutions to those challenges from a biblical perspective. Leading well is not an easy task, especially in the grind of everyday life, when organizational finances are limited, there are many tasks to complete, and many demands from followers, whether they are church members or employees.  This assignment will help you understand how poor leadership can hurt organizations, and how important it is for biblically based, interpersonal relationships to be at the basis of any organization.  Write a 2-3 page paper addressing following points. What are some leadership challenges associated with ministry and businesses?  Provide at least 2 examples from business/ministry related articles and one example from your personal/professional life. How would a biblical approach (see PowerPoint presentation) to leadership help remedy the challenges you discussed above?  How might the biblical emphasis on interpersonal relationships provide a key foundation for effective leadership?  Provide specific references to the challenges you mentioned in the first section. Ensure that you have at least two scholarly resources to support your writing, as well as any pertinent information from the PowerPoint presentation.