Question 75 words ONLY!!! Read Micah 6:8 Micah told God’s people that God had already given them His word and revealed in it what He expected of them. But to be even clearer, Micah summed up the Law into these 3 requirements: we are 1) to do justly, 2) to love mercy, 3) and to walk humbly with God. His people should have known this, but spiritual blindness had led them to offer everything except the things God desired. God wanted a spiritual commitment from the heart because out of the heart springs right behavior. We will look at just one of these requirements. “To do justly” simple means to recognize right from wrong, practice fairness with others or said another way, “don’t oppress or take advantage of others.” God presents to us absolute truth not situational ethics, meaning we are to do the right thing regardless of the circumstances. This is the opposite of situational ethics. In the heat of a battle, we cannot decide clearly what to do; we must already have settled in our mind long before the battle begins what is right and wrong. “To love mercy” means to recognize the need(s) of others. As case managers/human service workers and especially as Christians, the Lord wants us to “see the need” of those that are hurting or struggling in this life. I love mercy because, with mercy, God loved me. Consider this question: How can this devotional apply to case management? Devotionals require you to post an initial post by the end of the week (Day 7). Replies to peers in Devotionals are highly encouraged, but not required.