Question Write a Five-day devotional booklet.  Each day must be at least 4 paragraphs in length.  Each of the five devotionals should focus on various aspects of the Theology of God and the Trinity studied in this course.  Use of the material covered throughout this class is expected for each of the five devotionals.  Ensure that you include the following elements. Write five separate devotionals of at least 4 paragraphs each Use a Scripture passage for each devotional Give explanatory comments helping the reader “connect” with the Scriptural text, as well as the aspect of the Trinity that is the theme of the devotional Use at least one, well-placed quote from quality sources for each of the five devotionals. Include at least one question at the end of each devotion for the reader to consider as they reflect on the devotional thoughts. Be creative!  The presentation style of this booklet should not simply be like a written paper, but something that might be provided at your local church welcome center, or for use during a 5-day retreat.