Question Read Daniel 6:3 Thinking back over your previous jobs, most likely there are a few that stand out more than others. It’s probably not the jobs that stand out, but rather your bosses or supervisors. The reason they come to mind is because they became a mentor to you, even if unofficial. They were able to draw more out of you because they saw more in you than you saw in yourself. Because they believed in you, they were able to encourage and challenge you to reach higher and go further. You were able to accomplish those things because you pursued excellence. There’s a difference between excellence and perfection. Perfection does not allow room for error. Excellence is pursuing your best. It’s stretching beyond where you are to reach your potential. It’s when we pursue excellence that we are set apart to accomplish all that God has for us. Like Daniel, we too have an excellent Spirit in us and therefore have the ability to pursue excellence in everything we do. Whether our position is clerk, assistant, or manager, we ought to be diligent in our daily tasks, stretching beyond what is asked of us. It’s when we advance beyond what is expected that we distinguish ourselves above all others. Consider this question: How can this devotional apply to case management?