Question This is MLA FORMAT NOT APA!!! for citing and references In the work “How to Mark a Book” Mortimer Adler claims that the first thing you must find (and underline, draw stars next to, highlight, etc) is the main idea of a writing, the thesis statement. Adler argues, correctly, that it is critical for you to find the thesis and keep it in mind throughout your reading because everything within a good piece of writing must support the thesis. However, the essay “Evolution as Fact and Theory” contains no concisely stated thesis within the work. Instead, it uses what is called an “implied thesis.” An implied thesis requires the reader to figure out exactly what it is the author is arguing, and the author intentionally does not provide the thesis, thereby forcing the reader to interpret the author’s intent. But with this essay, Gould appears to be arguing different things at different times, and students frequently misinterpret Gould to be contradicting himself. Gould is not contradicting himself. So, in this post, I would like for you to derive Gould’s thesis–exactly what is he arguing? Do not be vague and ensure that you use properly formatted MLA in-text citations for quotes and paraphrases from the text to support your position.