Question We live in an amazing world!  Not only is this world able to sustain life, but it is the only one of countless worlds in the vast universe that is able to do so.  From the vastness of space to the incomprehensible small atomic elements that make up our understanding of existence, we are but a pale blue dot in the midst of a vast ocean of complexity, yet God loves us and sent his Son to die for us.  This is the beauty of the cross and God’s love for us and is reason for us to ascribe to him all honor and glory.  The essence of Devotional Spirituality is to ascribe to God the credit that he is due for his work in creation, for the gift of his Word, and ultimately the gift of salvation with the hope of restoration through his Son Jesus Christ. Discuss the following points related to this topic: For your initial response, choose a worship song from your church that discusses God’s worthiness to be praised for his work in creation.  Then, dissect the song and determine what passage(s) of scripture the song references.  Finally, imagine you are a worship leader in a church.  Craft a paragraph that would serve as a call to worship for this song for your congregation.  Speak about how the context of song in scripture describes the worthiness of God and guide them into contemplative time of worship as they reflect on scripture as well as the words of the song.  For your responses, choose another song that would follow another student’s song in the order of worship.  Describe why you think that these two songs flow together not only in the words that they speak, but also in the scripture that they point to.  Write as if you were concluding this two-song set for the congregation and lead them into another time of contemplation.