Question This completes the Apostle Paul’s traveling.  Why did he make some of the decisions he did?  Why did he appeal to Caesar, which ultimately sent him to Rome?  How did he finish his final days, and how was the spread of Christianity affected?  All of these questions, and more, will be discussed. Prepare to share your insights, and respond to others, regarding Paul’s final journey.  Be sure to look into the Book of Acts and provide text references for your insights.  Your insights and questions from McRay would also be appropriate. Ensure the following points are addressed. What were the circumstances that send Paul to Rome?  Why did it happen?  Did it have to happen this way? What’s the significance of the new friendship between Festus and Agrippa? Paul’s sea voyage and shipwreck could be used to train even modern-day sailors.  Why is that?  What critical actions do the sailors take during the storm? Describe what Paul’s ministry is like in Rome?  How does he share the gospel?  How does he teach?