Question jstone 3 login just a discussion Objective 1: Summarize the general values, attitudes, and skills of a professional counselor. The goal of this activity is to recognize the multiple components that an effective counselor needs. Anyone at any moment can contribute and help others by simply doing some deed that makes a difference. This can be a simple task such as sweeping a neighbor’s snowy driveway to a professional task such as a counselor assessing a client’s problems. A critical learning goal is knowing and understanding which characteristics one needs to be motivated to help and what makes someone a productive helper. Self-reflecting upon your own characteristics is important before going into the helping fields. Knowing one’s strengths can be a powerful tool in helping those in need. Read Chapter 4 of your textbook by Mandell & Schram. Prepare to share in discussion on the following points: Briefly describe the key attitudes & values of the human service worker After reviewing the skills of the human service worker, what characteristics do you possess that would make you a good counselor? What skills would you need to work on? Briefly discuss how the interview at the beginning of the chapter affects &/relates to your Christian Worldview. This is a “post-first” discussion. You will need to post your initial post in order to see peer posts.