Question Submit a properly formatted paper in APA format. THIS IS NOT AN ESSAY FOLLOW STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTION!!! However, a Reference page is NOT required for this assignment. This is an exception to the normal rule! Use the following original text. Write three examples (including citations) of how you would: directly quote a part, paraphrase a portion, and summarize the whole text. Though Amelia Earhart was just a passenger, she became the first woman to cross the Atlantic. The plane they flew in was ‘The Friendship’ and the trip was made on June 17-18, 1928. A publisher named George Putnam wrote an article on the flight and in 1931, Amelia married him. After this, Amelia got tremendous publicity. In May 1932, she crossed the Atlantic alone and set a new transatlantic crossing record of 13 hours, 30 minutes. She received a medal from American President Herbert Hoover for this. Several years later, she became the first woman to fly from California to Hawaii, which was a difficult route. Use (Bandyopadhyay, 2018, para. 10 – 11) for the citation. (you only need the “para. 10 – 11” for the direct quote) Click on “FOUR: Citing Sources Assignment” above to submit your assignment.