Question Learning the important concepts of a discipline is very important.  However, application of that learning to an actual case is even more important.  One can easily verbalize concepts; however, putting them into action may be more challenging.  Before the end of the course, we will be looking at two cases that will involve application using your discipline.  This week you will present a PowerPoint explaining what event you chose so that others can see how applying your discipline and applying theirs may be similar and how the application may differ.  In this way, disciplines can learn to work together rather than be at odds with each other. Create a narrated PowerPoint by using the onboard recording features in PPT, or another tool such as “Screencast-o-matic.” Narrated means the Presentation must have voice embedded. At least 8 slides minimum, with an additional slide for references. Avoid filling the slides with too much text.  Do not simply read the slides.  Use bullet points and images to help guide your comments. Upload your presentation to Blackboard, or post a link to the location. Choose a current event for your analysis.  It must be something that has happened within the past 6 months which has affected a large group of people (e.g., mass shooting, major forest fire, major house fire, hurricane/tornado/blizzard).  Describe the event. Where would professionals in your discipline focus during this event? Why would it be important to recognize the bio-psycho-social-spiritual difficulties the victims may be facing? Include research that demonstrates how someone from your discipline actually participated in the aftermath of this event (such as a newspaper interview, paper, etc.) Support your work with scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided.  Use of APA format is required.