Question Review the feedback from your instructor and make any noted corrections to previous sections of the Case Management Project and add the following three parts to complete the Case Management Process: evaluating the success of interventions, termination, & follow-up. Please continue to use the Case Management Project Template and add this week’s steps to your existing document. In Week 5, you will have completed the steps to the case management process and will have designed an intervention plan for a fictitious client. Pretend that the service intervention plan is now complete with your client and “evaluate” the success of the services provided to this client. You will need to ‘project’ the potential strengths and weaknesses of the interventions (1/2 page). Upon reviewing the success of services provided, create a termination plan for this client. Think about how case management services can terminate with a positive outcome for the client and end with good rapport between yourself & the client (1/2 page). Create a brief, follow-up plan for this client that will support the skills and interventions provided by case management. Remember, the goal of services is for the client to be independent and successful in managing their life, especially any problem areas that were addressed by case management (1/2 page). Reflect upon this experience of creating a fictitious case management intervention plan by following the steps in the case management process. Explain how this assignment may help you navigate in a real-life, work setting. Do you feel this assignment was beneficial to your professional skill set? Why or why not? (1/2 page). The Week 5 portion of the Case Management Project Plan assignment should not exceed two pages. Case managers should have the ability to write in a clear, concise manner.. Submit your entire Case Management Plan (Weeks 2-5), make any adjustments as noted by the instructor’s feedback from previous weeks, ensure that language is not bias or discriminatory, and that ethical guidelines were followed. It is not necessary to apply a formatting style for this assignment except when using a source to support your writing.