Question Day by day we interact with our family, our friends, our coworkers, and others in our world.  Many of those that we meet do not have a clear understanding of their uniqueness as “image bearers,” nor any comprehension of the invasive presence of their sin nature.  Unfortunately, this describes many Christian believers as well as most unbelievers.  They go through life trying to fix things in their world, but they do not have a clear picture of why things are broken, or how they should look once they are repaired. Read “Sin (Hamartiology) ” by S. Vinton Prepare to describe a real-life example that shows how someone you know does not clearly understand how the goodness of creation was damaged by sin. The following statements (and others) can be clues to this misunderstanding: “I don’t understand why bad things happen to good people.” “He really doesn’t deserve to have cancer.  He’s a good person.” “It’s really not fair that a young child has to struggle in an abusive home.” Reflect on why their thinking is unclear and share how you might help them understand the damage of sin more clearly. Prepare to share your story with your classmates (avoid using actual names), explaining the thinking of that person, and the outcomes of your reflection on how you can help them understand the damage of sin more effectively.