Question TWO: Womanhood Discussion If the defining markers of what constitutes a healthy man have changed drastically over the past 50 years, they certainly have done the same for womanhood.  What was once seen as aberrant in women is now often accepted as the norm – the masculinizing of the female culture, the blending and blurring of men’s and women’s roles in the home, same sex marriage, and even the rejection of gender labels altogether, are just a few of the issues popular womanhood deals with today. The phrase biblical womanhood changes and addresses these issues in a pronounced way.  What follows is a partial list of what may come to mind when considering biblical womanhood. godly kind gentle sensitive feminine wife and helpmate to and co-laborer with the husband servant and heart of the home moral compass of the home nurturer of the children primary caregiver to children wage earner contributing to the family income These, along with other terms, come to mind when one considers biblical womanhood. Do a broad, scriptural search for what is involved with biblical womanhood. Reflect on how biblical womanhood relates to the descriptive words above. Reflect on how secular culture might disagree with some of these descriptive words, or a biblical understanding of womanhood in general. Prepare to discuss what you believe to be a practical description of the components of biblical womanhood as it applies to today’s culture. Read Full Question