Question A primary tool of spiritual formation is the ability to reflect and meditate upon the events of one’s life and then to repent and resolve to flee from the old man and be transformed into the new man. Journaling has traditionally been the way in which early church fathers and Christians throughout the centuries have practiced this discipline. As we reflect on the Facets of spiritual formation found in “Conformed to his Image,” we will tie those concepts to corresponding spiritual disciplines. This week we have addressed Relational and Paradigm Spirituality focusing on rightly ordered love and rightly ordered priorities within our lives as we become transformed into the image of Christ. Worship and Celebration are two disciplines that are intimately concerned with attributing to God the praise he is due. Not only for the grace he has shown in the past through creation and salvation, but what he is doing in the present and in the future by restoring creation unto himself by his own power and love, through his Church. The instructions below will be the expectation for all journal assignments in this course. Please read carefully. You will be writing a journal/personal response entry for each of the five weeks of this course. Each week you will reflect on your practice of the key spiritual disciplines of the church. Each journal entry must be 3 to 4 paragraphs in length. These are not meant to be long, but merely descriptive and reflective based on your experience. There is no need to follow APA formatting unless you are citing a specific work. Journal entries will be typed directly into the Assignment page on Blackboard. Week 1 Response Instructions: Go to church. Simple enough, however, when you go reflect on the principles of rightly ordered love in the worship service and fellowship as well as how worship shapes our eternal perspective.