Question Objective: Articulate current responsibilities and services provided by case managers through the lens of a Biblical worldview. Instructions You are encouraged to review all the reading and viewing materials (from Weeks 1-5). The information covered will help you write the Case Management Reflection Paper. Write a 2 page paper describing your thoughts, feelings, and assumptions about case management. Be sure to include 7-10 key terms from this course. Human professionals should be well-versed in the terminology related to case management. Even those who are not case managers may be coordinating and collaborating services. Ensure the following points are addressed: Be sure to include a brief introduction and conclusion to this paper. 7-10 key terms to illustrate what you have learned in HSV2300. Your main takeaways from the course (2-3) items that left a lasting impact on your future as a human service professional. Your strengths & weaknesses related to working as a case management professional. Do you feel that case management is an area of human services that is a good fit for you? If not, how might you still use what you learned about case management in a human service career? Your reflection of case management through the lens of a Biblical worldview and ethical guidelines. Support with at least one scripture. This paper is 2-3 pages of content and this page count does not include the cover and reference pages.