Question The Bible as a Guide for Helping Professionals 100 words ONLY!!!!! . All professions have industry standards that professionals must abide by to remain ethical and to avoid harm. Likewise, the Bible is the standard for all of mankind. Case managers will encounter challenging situations and gray areas where it might be convenient to take the easiest route. Professional organizations provide sources of best practice as well as ethical guidelines. Scripture guides the helping professional to make just, fair, moral, & ethical decisions that uphold professional integrity. Case managers will look at the psycho-social aspects of a client’s life through the lens of the micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Likewise, we will be held accountable from our smallest to most significant life decisions. Professionals are not alone, though. Industry best practices and scripture will guide our decision-making process. Ephesians 6:11 speaks into how we should prepare for spiritual warfare. The enemy is always looking for ways to deceive us. Sometimes, he uses the “little” things to tempt us. Once we give into small indiscretions, it is much easier to falter on bigger decisions. The enemy is always looking for ways to chip away at our integrity. Consider these questions: What aspects of case management do you feel may be difficult to navigate from a moral or ethical standpoint? How will you address gray areas where the lines between right & wrong may be unclear? Which scripture(s) will you use to armor yourself against unethical behavior?