Question The research paper you are writing for this course is an argumentative research paper. This means that you are taking a specific position on a topic. You are not presenting both sides as equal options. You are going to take a position and decide on the strongest arguments to support your point. There is a difference between building an argument and being argumentative. In your paper, you want to use research to respectfully present your position. This position is based on facts and not emotions. It is important to think about who your audience is and what would be the more persuasive arguments that would convince them of your position. Read “Argument” at Argument Watch Monty Python’s Argument Clinic Discuss the following points related to this topic: What was wrong with the argument in the Monty Python movie? Give an example of a time you had a discussion with someone that did not go well because of the way it was discussed (faulty logic, overly emotional, etc.). What could have been done to change the discussion?