Question jstone3 Objective 3: Recognize social factors and potential barriers that impact the counseling profession and related helping fields. The goal of this activity is to appreciate the idea that sometimes things get in the way of people pursuing and/or obtaining the help they need. As a future professional in the counseling and/or related helping field, it’s important to remember that although services are always available, it is not always so easy for clientele to find them, access them, and/or seek them out. On the professional level, the public often have stereotypes about the helping fields and what services they provide. Understanding all potential barriers on all levels is important to grasp so that improvements to the profession can be made and the rate of getting clientele to appropriate services that is needed can be increased. Return to Chapter 1 and review pp. 16-20 in your course textbook by Mandell & Schram. Write a one-page journal about the social factors and potential barriers that impact the counseling and related helping fields. To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed: Reflect on how social factors have impacted the counseling & related fields. What barriers have been put into place that makes seeking help more difficult for some? After reviewing, briefly mention one barrier you can relate to in your own life at any one time and how it has impacted you.