Question jstone3 discussion only  Objective 3: Identify key challenges faced by various minority groups in our society. The goal of this activity is to invite stories and experiences of the impact that belonging to a minority group has on individuals and families in need of help. Having an understanding of what the various populations struggle with and who these clients are in the community we work within is important as a counselor or in any helping professional role. Therefore, how does one become more culturally aware of the diversity they are working with and what each faces on average? We will find that to gain a deeper understanding of our clientele, we must strive to develop real knowledge of their worldview in order to serve them best. Read Chapter 8 in your textbook by Mandell & Schram. Prepare to share in discussion on the following points: What unique challenges do people in minority groups face with regards to access to the helping services? Discuss and share information about the area and neighborhoods you grew up in. How diverse were these areas & communities? What reasons do you feel contributed to their diversity and/or lack of diversity? Name three ways you can be more ethically sensitive as a counselor or related human service professional? This is a “post-first” discussion. You will need to post your initial post in order to see peer posts.