Question Objective: Comprehend the rules and effects of Miranda and how to apply them coupled with the Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.   The most important word for you here: Miranda!  The criminal investigator must know the difference between a simple interview and an interrogation and thus when to apply Miranda.  Know the subject of your investigation so you can determine the best time, place, and environment for an interview or interrogation and the information you want to obtain.  This will also aid in your determination of the witness’ credibility and how to assess whether or not a confession is credible.  Learn to read an individual’s body language to aid in accurately interviewing and interrogating witnesses and suspects Explain why Miranda is important and why the law provides this protection to suspects.   Look at the protection provided by Miranda in a biblical context.   Is there a way to justify this protection through biblical teachings given the fact we think the suspects have committed a crime and are likely not upstanding citizens?   Explain why or why not in your answer.