Question Peer review journal summary:  Select 1 peer reviewed journal article containing a research study (i.e. American Psychiatric Association) dealing with any psychological concept. Summarize the main points of the article using your own words as well as including what interested you about the article and/or what you learned.  You may disregard any specific examples, statistics, or highly technical language in your summary. Instead, focus on summarizing the “5 W’s” in a logical progression for your article.  For example: who did the research & who did the research population consist of, what idea, concept or disorder was examined & what was discovered, why they examined it, where did the study take place, and when did it occur.   This summary should be 3-6 pages long and must have a copy of the article attached to the summary or send the link.  Peer reviewed journals can be located in the library at ECC or Wesleyan College, either on the shelf or via a database.     Contact the ECC library staff for instructions on how to access and use the NC LIVE database remotely.   *HINT:  Newsweek, Time or Psychology Today ARE NOT PEER REVIEW JOURNALS. Sending the link does not count as proper APA documentation.  MAKE sure to send the complete APA citation.   Please contact me for my school log in.