Question Over the past several weeks, we have explored numerous theoretical and biblical ideas concerning conflict management and resolution. This assignment allows you the opportunity to develop your own philosophy of conflict resolution. This philosophy of conflict resolution serves as a foundation for the way you think and act in terms of conflict. It is important to synthesize all of the previous material into a single pragmatic piece so that you can best represent Jesus Christ as a peacemaker in the world. Write a 3-4 page paper in which you design your philosophy of conflict management. In order to successfully complete this assignment, you will want to present the following: A definition of conflict An explanation that describes why people should seek to resolve conflict An explanation of what it means to be a peacemaker Identify and defend strategies of negotiation that seem most helpful to your vocational choice A step-by-step process for resolving conflict It is expected that you include appropriate biblical passages and scholarly sources (be sure to properly cite them in your work). Be specific in your work.