Question addictive disorders include: alcoholism overeating sociopathology seizure the color, smell and feeling of the flowers are relayed through what part of brain: acetylcholine thalamus motor area lobe the hallucinations of schizophrenic are most likely to be: auditory visual tactual olfactory systematic desensitization is used in treatment of: schizophrenia mood disorders phobias somatoform disorders rotational -emotive therapy is a type of: psychoanalysis client-centered therapy cognitive -behavior therapy behavior therapy main functions of stimulants are: to alleviate tension to provide energy and alertness prescribed for insomnia addiction the techniques used in behavior modification: stress interpersonal interactions employ the principles of learning are confined to specific problems are sometimes ineffective a psychologist explains you that learning can be best defined in terms of underlying thought process. what theory is being stated? social learning cognitive learning trial and error trial most iq tests assess: academic motivation convergent thinking perceptual motor skills creativity what can occur if a person believes that a connection exists between an act and its consequences when there is no relationship between the two? classical conditioning superstitious behavior shaping sequential learning   Read Full Question