Question Objective: analyze Supreme Court decisions over the years to understand the impact of the Court on U.S. Citizens. The objective gives you practice in breaking down various historical Supreme Court decisions. It will help you understand how the Supreme Court has influenced our society. Begin by reading the following historical court cases: Brown vs. BOE: https://s3.amazonaws.com/ocu.Tontaleya/CJ3400/Brown+v+Board+of+Education.pdf Roe vs. Wade: https://s3.amazonaws.com/ocu.Tontaleya/CJ3400/Roe+v+Wade.pdf After reviewing the cases above, compose a 2 page paper answering the following questions for each of the two cases: What was the issue before the court? What is the applicable law used? What was the reasoning behind the Court’s decision? What was the Court’s decision? What was the impact on society from the decision?