Question THIS IS JUST A REPLY!! Human resource managers should be in a long-term position. This allows them to adequately plan and forecast for manning based on past performance as well as future predictions. The forecasting should be in line with the strategic plans. “Workforce planning is getting the right number of people with the right skills employed in the right place at the right time to deliver an organization’s short and long-term objectives.” Someone told me that Amazon will over hire and over man their fulfillment centers before an expected surge (i.e. Black Friday). Then leading up to this surge they rate everyone’s performance and then trim the fat, so they only have the best working for them. I tried to find out more information about this and I cannot find anything to substantiate it. I did find an article that talked about how Amazon would offer people leave. This was to see if the person wanted to work at Amazon, or if the $1,000 was enough for them to leave and try something new. This is an interesting way to perform workplace planning. Amazon can would be able to expect a mass exodus. If someone wasn’t willing to leave when offered money, they probably won’t just leave a month or two later. They still need to anticipate for the future, even though robots can perform a lot of the duties. https://oasishr.com/rtt-workforce-planning-forecasting/ https://qz.com/197819/three-ways-jeff-bezos-keeps-improving-amazons-workforce/