Question Hide Assignment Information Turnitin® This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®. Instructions Objective: Experience recovery support by attending a 12-step recovery group. Although they are not viewed as “treatment,” support groups (sometimes referred to as “self-help” groups) can be, and are, used in conjunction with the treatment of substance abuse clients. Support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, offer an avenue of support and can reinforce the messages conveyed in treatment. Counselors must know what support groups are available, what they are, what they are not, and whether to utilize these groups in partnership with therapy. The best way is for you to experience one of these meetings for yourself. Google Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotic Anonymous, or 12 Step Meeting near you and attend a recovery meeting. In a 1-2 page paper address the following: Describe what meeting you attended and your experience. Is it what you expected? Why or why not? Was the meeting productive and conducive to recovery? Why or why not? Also compose a list of support groups that may address problems you believe a substance using person could benefit from but are not held or readily available in your area. Include your views on what a Christian worldview should be toward support groups and how the 12 Steps correlate to the principles of Scripture.