Question Objective: Describe the role of the criminal investigator, their main purpose and objectives. It is imperative in this first part of the course to understand the applicable search and seizure law for any type of proper criminal investigation. The last thing a criminal investigator wants to happen to a case is it gets thrown out because a suspect/defendant’s rights were violated. Know and be able to accurately use Fourth and Fifth Amendment law for a criminal investigation. Memorize the terms associated with these Chapters because criminal investigators use them daily. Having a general understanding of the role of a criminal investigator and some basic history behind the techniques used in criminal investigation.   Read the following two case studies on search and seizure: Search and Seizure Case Study 1 Search and Seizure Case Study 2 Perform outside research to learn about the local, county, and state police agencies for Pickaway County, Ohio.   What are the jurisdictions for each of these agencies?   What are the requirements to serve as an officer for each of the agencies?  Summarize these. Find two recent news/magazine articles (within the last six months) that describe law enforcement’s use of the search and seizure law.   For each article, describe the applicable search and seizure law used in that instance (i.e. consent vs. warrant vs. motor vehicle, etc.), whether there is a dispute over the legality of the search, and what types of evidence was obtained from the search.