Question Most of this course has focused on research and academic writing. Many of the skills that we’ve worked on apply to other types of writing as well. When you are writing for work or ministry, you want to be professional and articulate. Whether we like it or not, people judge us and our ideas based on our writing. We need to be sure that our writing is grammatically correct and the tone and format are appropriate for the situation. A text to a friend is very different than an email sent to a client at work. Read “Writing Business Correspondence” at Writing Business Correspondence at purdue online writing lab(read) How to format: Business letter: Business Letters Memo: Memo at purdue online writing lab(read) Email: Email at purdue online writing lab (read) Follow these guidelines to complete this assignment: Using the following scenario, write an email, a business letter, and a memo for the following scenario. Submit all three in one file (APA not required). You are the pastor of a local church. You are organizing a neighborhood block party. You need to recruit volunteers, solicit donations from local businesses, and communicate internally with your staff about details of the events. Email (recruit volunteers) Business Letter (solicit donations) Memo (details to church staff)