Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Too Big to Fail, Wall Street, Wall Street 2. It needs to be at least 750 words. The movie focuses on Bud Fox, a young broker in Wall Street. Fox’s ambition to succeed in his career is fuelled by his determination to be as wealthy as Gordon Gekko, a millionaire trader, and raider. Gekko rides on the statement ‘Greed is good’. Fox and Gekko meet which results to the young stockbroker working with the millionaire. In no time, Bud Fox rises in the financial ladder. He meets Darien in the process and is able to finance their affair regardless of her being high maintenance. The success is followed by realizing the illegal ways which the millionaire uses to acquire money. Amongst his dark dealings, Fox learned that the company his father is an employee is in jeopardy. Wall Street chronicles the greed in America during the 1980s in form of insider trading. Important companies utilized to tell the scandal stories are the employer to Bud’s father, Blue Star Airlines, Teldar Paper and Anacott Steal. The progression of the movie introduces us to Larry Wildman who wants to buy the latter mentioned company. Teldar Paper is a reputable company which the raider and trader have set his eyes on. The detailed depiction of insider trading which involves stock trading after getting information from the management of a company is the main event of the movie. The young stockbroker is caught in between the will to be rich and prevent Gekko from ruining his father’s career. The movie ends with the imprisonment of Gekko for money laundering, fraud of securities and racketeering.