Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on UK Policing on Murder Investigation. It needs to be at least 1250 words. It is clear from the research that the police in England and Wales have made a step in improving the quality of murder investigations by conducting reviews of investigations carried out by the authorities In the year 1989, the Wales and Northern Ireland recommended that reviews be done in all murder cases that are undetected after a period of 28 days. This policy was aimed at identifying and developing investigation opportunities. that would improve the quality of results and be a form of assurance to the process and content of the murder investigation. It was also aimed at improving and promoting good investigative practice. This concept of reviewing murder was initially adopted from the Byford Report in 1981 due to failures in the investigation into murders committed at the time. The 2004 UK Report referred to the weaknesses identified for review documents and grouped the failures in six themes. The first theme was an investigative response, which was an area of weakness. It was established that initial action at the scene, suspect management, and information gathering was done poorly. The other themes were forensics, record keeping, information gathering. Staffing resources and internal and external communication within the victim’s family. This particular report stated that the investigative process was flawed in decision making especially in high-pressure situations. The UK has tried to develop effective strategies that promote efficient handling of murder scenes by the police investigators. Police investigations have significantly benefited from the thoughts and opinions of independent experts. In the UK, The British Home Office established errors in the lack of progress in the case of Yorkshire Ripper murder inquiry where an external review committee included a civilian. The Forensics scientist Stuart King, who used an analytical approach that studied the locations and times of the crimes and established that the killer was from Bradford.