Prior to the past century, mentally disabled individuals were held in the same correctional facilities as the normal persons. This was a breach of human rights according to modern day states. There should be a distinction between normal individuals and mentally disabled individuals as far as convictions are concerned. In many instances, mentally disabled individuals commit crimes unknowingly. In past centuries this claim was insignificant an all convicts were treated to the same levels of punishment (Doris & Frieda, pp, 102). Mentally disabled persons unknowingly commit crimes without their consent. This claim has been used by human rights. According to Levinson (pp. 39) the insane individuals in society should be given exceptions as far as convictions are concerned. In the 21st century, the most significant change in correctional facilities is the exclusion of mentally disabled persons in normal correctional institutions. The sensitivity of human nature has definitely increased forcing people in society to advocate for proper and secluded correctional facilities for the mentally disabled.