Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Why America Won’t Get the Health-Care System It Needs. It needs to be at least 1250 words. The author of the paper tells that all Americans seem to agree that the current course is unsustainable going forward, and compared to other countries in terms of spending and outcomes, the United States is terrible when it comes to quality and affordable health care. Rather than choose from extremes, the recommended course of action going forward should be to learn from and implement policies instituted by other nations who have enjoyed great success. Koreans, for instance, have access to lower cost quality preventative care than people in the United States and do not need to find preferred health care providers. Because of government policies and industry initiatives, every Korean citizen benefits from the system. Knowing the success of the Korean system first-hand, rather than instituting a government-controlled health care system, the American federal government ought to structure the private health insurance system (through regulation) in such a way to help every single American acquire affordable health care. It is difficult to make an argument against both extremes of the health care debate without coming off as politically motivated by the other side. However, from a moderate perspective, consider the problems inherent to a free market solution first. Luke Mitchell comments that a market approach is the “most acceptable locus of reform” and that “in Washington, there is little that is considered wiser or more bipartisan than a preference for markets” (Mitchell). However, unlike other markets, where little government intervention may bring about efficiency, the health care system is not equivalent to the market for staples. The demand for not dying is unlimited. Moreover, as Mitchell points out, whenever a problem arises in our nation, the Federal government always finds a way to become involved, or to involve private industry but only with provisions from the government on how to act in the space. Regardless, the free market solution is overly optimistic for some and ideologically-motivated in essence.