Findings from the case study showed that the first phase of his reading development was influenced by his enthusiasm for books and pictures within it. He points or signs some details he would notice (P273, C.2, L.3-7). Afterward, he learned to read familiar words in context (P.273, C.2. L.15-16). Sign print skill was later on developed and mastered by him until he was able to relate sign print to written English(P274, C.1., L.7-9). Finally, he learned to read independently without the aid of sign print in the last few months of the observation period (P274, C.2, L.3-7). Jeffrey’s positive attitude and interest in reading, the support and constant interaction with his family members and the people around him, and the aid of different literacy materials such as sign print books, charts, and experienced stories played a major role in his reading development.