The bourgeoisie class is the class or the rich because it controls production in the economy hence the ruling class. According to the Marxist philosophy, the law is a means by which the ruling class disadvantages the other classes (Engels & Marx, 2014). It is a fact that some legislations are meant to submerge the minds of the poor so that they can feel relevant within the economy. For instance, the laws on free trade work to the advantage of the rich within the economy since they can produce goods in large numbers and release them to the market at cheaper prices. This is evident when we consider the case of developed and third world economies having equal access to markets. Since the competition in the market will be unfavorable, weaker economies will be overpowered by stronger economies that will in turn control the markets. According to Marx, the bourgeois education policy perpetuates the subordination of the proletariats, ensuring that they do not own property (Engels & Marx, 2014). As such, the rich ensure that they continue to control the economy whereas the poor continues to be poor.