Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on communication system plan Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! In order for proper communication to take place, it is necessary that there is a constant update of information from the teacher to the parent. This is extremely important since parents need to know the way their children are performing as well as conducting themselves while in school (Harry, 2009). The first strategy that will be used to ensure that proper communication takes place between teachers and parents is ensuring that there is an appropriate organizational structure that will ensure all the parents receive information from the children’s teachers. This will include using newsletters, school blogs, emails, phone calls, and any other relevant means of communication. Regular updates to the parents about their children’s performance as well as the school activities in the school calendar will be communicated in all these sources (Harry, 2009). This will only be necessary if the teachers work in liaison with the parents since the learners are too young to make their own decisions. The second strategy will involve the provision of regular updates to the school about the learners especially because of their tender age, which is 3 years and below. Teachers will have to offer ready for school checklists to the parents at the start of the year or the start of the week or start of the day checklists which will ensure that parents help in preparing their children for school (Bulloch, 2008). This will play an integral role since teachers will be dealing with the whole school with an average number of 150 learners. Thirdly, teachers will be required to call parents for conferences so that they can discuss the performance and behavior of the students. It is in these conferences that the teachers may know of student’s health conditions that may need special attention.&nbsp.Additionally, through these parent-teacher conferences, the parents may know how their parents behave in school and they may advise them accordingly.