The focus of European and western nations turned to decentering the culture of native populations in the new world and dominating populations in the new world. This was after the Western region of the world had started enhancing its communication, military, and extending naval technology. The western population was resolute to enforce their desire on the helpless populations and get hold of these areas as a section of their own. The final period of the 19th century and early period of the 20th century created western cultures that attained modern communication, stout military presence, and technological advancement. The advancement of European and western cultures socially, economically, and politically impacted other civilizations. Different cultures started to be fearful of the authority of European civilizations as the western populations continued to become solid. In contrast, the native populations did not desire to conform to the cultures and values of western and European nations because they had their specified way of thinking and possessed their own values (Sayre, 2013). This paper will assess and interpret a quote from Sayre’s book by answering a number of questions that relate to it.