Eastern grey squirrel-like to live in expanses of mature, mixed forest. They like to have a forest canopy that is continuous (upper layers of leaves and branches) so that they can be able to forage and travel principally in the trees, rather than using the ground. At the trees, they are also protected from predators. Their population is highest in forests that have trees that produce foods that can prevail through winter storage. Walnuts, oaks, and pines are an example of trees that produces these types of foods. They also utilize the trees for nests. They construct nests out of leaves. At times they utilize the cavities of the trees and holes for raising their young. The holes are also important for shelter in extreme weather conditions. These animals can be found in the temperate habitat. Terrestrial Biomes. forest. Though they can also be found in the gardens, yard, and city parks. Basically, they can be found anywhere with large and deciduous trees (Moore & Harrell, (n.d..)