Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on engineering disaster: piper alpha disaster in the north sea Paper must be at least 2750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! This research study would focus on engineering disasters. There is a large number of incidents taking place across the globe due to certain loopholes in engineering practices. Shortcuts used in engineering practices often result in disasters. Engineering can be stated as the technology and science which is utilized to meet the demand and needs of society. Failure in engineering practices occurs due to a wide array of reasons. It mainly takes place when a design crosses design limits that denote proper functioning. In the current scenario, there are different safety measures adopted to prevent such engineering failures. This study will be centered on a particular disaster caused by an engineering failure. Piper Alpha platform is known for its magnificent structure and a disaster that killed approximately 167 people. The platform was built in 1976. It was a major oil and gas production or drilling platform constructed in the Northern North Sea. This platform was solely responsible for exporting gas and oil to St. Fergus and Flotta respectively. There were around 226 people who worked on this platform. Piper Alpha Platform served as a hub for the export and import of gas. The disaster took place in 1988 when a series of events resulted. Amongst 226 people working onboard around 165 individuals were killed. The rest of the workforce had a narrow escape by jumping from the deck. There were some design issues related to engineering practice at Piper Alpha. This platform was constructed by McDermott Engineering. It was located approximately 120 miles from northeast of Scotland at Aberdeen. The platform was well equipped with electric and diesel seawater pumps. This was done to enable an automatic firefighting system.