The use of memory dampeners to suppress emotional pain and erase unwanted memories proves a great success in medicine. However, some people and organizations see it as a violation of ethical rules in society. No matter how dire the situation may be, memories are valuable, and such actions must be carefully evaluated before carrying out such procedures. In a society where the ability to erase certain events recorded in our minds is possible, conflictions may arouse. A time comes where there will be the need to access and refer to such memories. The procedure also has unwanted side effects including unintentional erasure and memory loss. The procedure involves the use of a medical drug called Propranolol, approved by the FDA (Kolber 1563). Such an organization is the President Council on Bioethics (PCB). It makes emphasis on other forms of medication such as working with the patient through the disturbing memory until the conflicting issue resolves. Many legal restrictions are based on the issue of memory dampening. Nevertheless, PCB raises its concern with the ethics of these medical procedures.