Indian Literature Compare and Contrast Essay Directions: For this assignment, you will compare and contrast the two Indian humanitarians Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa. These are two very important figures in the history of India, and you have read nonfiction pieces detailing their lives. Now, in essay format, you will reveal how Gandhi and Mother Teresa are similar and different. Requirements: -Essay Format (Introduction, Body Paragraphs, Conclusion) -Clear Thesis -Proof/Quotes from at least two different sources -Works Cited Page *There is no specific page length, but each body paragraph should follow the outline taught in the Writing Modules. These should be well-developed paragraphs Compare and Contrast Essay Hints: These essays can be organized in several different ways. -Try using the first paragraph to compare the two individuals and the second paragraph to contrast the individuals. This keeps the essay organized. -Use the previous writing modules to help you format your Works Cited and in-text citations correctly