One day, as I was checking my emails, I saw an email titled “Congratulations! You won the Lottery Competition.” I quickly tried to think which lottery had I applied in that I might have won, but nothing came to my mind. I opened the email, and it said that I had been randomly chosen by a company through my email address for a lottery with a prize worth $10,00,000 few months ago, and that in the latest lucky draw, my email was the one that was picked for the first prize from among hundreds of thousands of email addresses. My adrenaline level increased and I could feel sparks flash down by spine. Just by the mere thought of becoming a million dollar richer overnight, I was having goose-bumps. My stomach was lurching with excitement and I almost screamed. My sister playing at a distance of a few yards came running towards me and asked what had happened. I said, “Anna, I won the lottery!” She asked me to show her the email and I did. She also got very excited but I’m sure a bit jealous too.