Need an research paper on analysis of the tale of the king’s son and the she-ghoul. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. &nbsp.The King’s son’s persistence led him to fall in love with a beautiful woman whom he just met in the forest. The King’s son was deceived with his wife’s gorgeous features and he later found out that she was a She-Ghoul who preys on humans and corpses (Guiley 135). An excerpt from the Arabian night’s stories about the fisherman can be associated with the tale of the King’s Son and the She-Ghoul with regard to the deceitful ways of evil in order to lure an individual into material and beautiful things. This deceit was then used by evil to further prey on others for their selfish desires. The fisherman was tempted by the demon genie’s offer of producing fishes from the lake that can bring him a fortune if he is able to sell them to the Sultan provided that he will comply with his conditions or misfortunes will occur. The Sultan was astonished by all the mysteries brought by the fishes and demanded information from the fisherman.&nbsp.&nbsp.