Knowles is a pioneer person to propose the concept of ‘Adult Learning Theory’. The word ‘adult’ usually confers to the person who has attained the age of maturity (Rothwell, 2008). The point at which a person attains self-consciousness and self-direction in their psychological mind, that very moment person attains adulthood. Adult learning can be defined as a mode of ‘learning-centered approach’. This type of learning process focuses on the characteristics of the learner. Adult learning is the ambit where the learners adapt their own technique to imbibe the problem and in finding its solution (Mackeracher, 2004). Celie’s character in ‘The Color Purple’ film best demonstrates this attribute. Knowles has made certain assumptions in the context of adult learning (Knowles, 2012). The assumptions are summed up as ‘experience’, ‘readiness to learn’, ‘motivation to learn’, ‘self-concept’ and ‘relevance’.