Need an research paper on communication theories. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. In 1976, while exploring the continuing effects of extensive television viewing on the American audience, George Gerbner and Larry Gross introduced the ‘cultivation theory.’ Their research’s primary conclusion was that prolonged exposure to violence-related material on television results in the formation of a societal reality in the viewers’ minds, which further dictates their thought formation and alters their social behavior (Gerbner and Gross, 1976). To further this hypothesis, Robert Hawkins and Suzanne Pingree, in 1977, conducted detailed research to study how exactly the cultivation effect takes place and what variables can enhance or diminish it. In 1980, they documented their findings in a publication titled “Some Processes in the Cultivation Effect,” which is the subject of this paper. This paper will analyze how Hawkins and Pingree, in the light of the ‘cultivation hypothesis’, formulated their thesis, conducted research, and interpreted qualitative and quantitative data. Furthermore, this paper will suggest any revisions, deemed necessary, to their adopted research methodology, along with the recommendations that can enhance their findings. &nbsp.