The next summary is of the film, Two Spirits, directed by Lydia Nibley and produced and written by Russell Martin and Lydia Nibley. It traces the real life story of Fred Martinez, a Navajo teen, whose life came to an abrupt halt at 16 years, when he was brutally murdered by another young man named Murphy. The film interestingly follows a historical timeline as it explores Fred’s carefree and brave life as a nádleehí (a male-bodied individual with a female personality) and at the same time investigates traditions that were once extensively prevalent among the indigenous people of North America. The film recounts how Native Americans had once held feminine males, intersex people, masculine females and asexual people with very high regard, defining them in the English-man’s language as “two-spirit” people. Holding to their age-old beliefs they saw in these people an embodiment of two spirits, the male and the female, hence they were considered privileged and spiritually gifted. With the looming threat of an entire tradition being wiped out from among the natives, the film slowly returns to the brutal crime that took place on 16th June 2001 in Cortez. It explores the murder site where Murphy, viciously bludgeoned Fred to death with a rock, just for being different and later bragged about it to his friends saying he, “bug-smashed a fag”.